The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush

In this revised edition of his best-promoting book, formerly The Incredible Liver Cleanse, Andreas Moritz addresses the most typical but hardly ever recognized cause of illness – gallstones congesting the liver. Twenty million Americans suffer from attacks of gallstones every single year. In numerous instances, therapy merely consists of removing the gallbladder, at the price of billion a year. But this purely symptom-oriented strategy does not eradicate the cause of the illness, and in several situations, sets the stage for

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  1. Rachel Robinowitz Avatar
    Rachel Robinowitz
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    After reading the other 11 reviews……., January 17, 2008
    Rachel Robinowitz (Israel) –

    This review is from: The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush (Paperback)

    I had to write my comments about this book.

    First, I borrowed it from a friend within the last two weeks and have just completed my first cleanse following the instructions by Andreas Moritz. I have done several liver/gallbladder cleanses in the past using similar but not exact techniques, always successfully, but never this successful. So I am not a newcomer to the cleanse, and I do have something to compare to. It has been a few years since I’ve done a liver/gallbladder cleanse, and have encountered events over that time that brought my level of health to a point where I began to think about the need to do a cleanse again — it just seemed like the right time — when a friend ‘happened’ to show me her new book.

    I find it troubling and dismaying to read such pronouncements as in several of the reviews by people who admit they have not even done the clean yet to see if it works! Opinions do not make facts. How can we pass judgment without trying something, as long as it is not dangerous?

    To the implication that apple juice, Epsom salts, virgin olive oil and orange juice signify quackery, I have news: apple juice, virgin olive oil, and orange juice are simple foods that man has used for thousands of years, and Epsom salts has a very long history of safe and very effective use as a colon cleanser. Yes, it tastes gross, but I put fresh lemon juice in mine and drank it with a straw inserted somewhat back in the mouth and drank it quickly and without breathing; I was able to get each glass down in one go. It was not pleasant; neither was it the end of the world. I simply rinsed my mouth and brushed my teeth afterwards, as recommended. I didn’t feel nauseated or gag, and folks, it was over before I knew it. It could by no stretch of the imagination be classed as torture, just tasted very unpleasant, but nothing impossible to do. It lasted all of maybe one minute.

    To suggest that the six days of preparation and the flush itself (the olive oil and grapefruit juice part) is torture and worse even than cancer treatment itself (!!!)…….I simply cannot find words for. The six days consists mainly of a certain amount of apple juice daily (unless you are diabetic or otherwise cannot tolerate large quantities of apple juice, in which case there are alternatives), and a simple diet and lifestyle. One can compare this ‘extreme’ form of ‘torture’ to cancer treatment??? I don’t think so. I’ve watched a number of friends go through cancer treatment and I can guarantee you they would rather have been drinking apple juice, Epsom salts, and olive oil any day, as well as keep all their body parts, not to mention the physical and emotional agony that goes with such a serious disease. The prep for the cleanse does not involve fasting or other forms of deprivation, either. I felt strong and alert and had not a single pang of hunger. The most unconscionable thing of all is to make such suggestions without having done the flush onesself in order to be able to speak to the issue from a point of personal experience.

    Yes, I am a little hot and bothered about such snide remarks from people who have not even tried the flush. You know the old saying ‘The proof is in the pudding’. I effortlessly, painlessly, passed 242 stones over about a 24-hour period at the end of the flush; I know because I counted the larger ones (they float and are bright green, very easy to see) over that time period because I wanted to know if this flush was going to be successful, and if so, how successful. My largest stones were the size of a small almond, some were the size of a raisin, some the size of a pea, and some were about the size of a grain of barley (those were the sizes I counted) with many, many more smaller than that but still easily seen, which were impossible to count because there were too many. There were probably some I couldn’t see, as well.

    And, for the record, I have actually felt the stones travelling down the bile duct (not on this flush, but on my previous one), so he’s not making that up. It is very unmistakable…..light but very discernable; it sort of tickles — I remember giggling softly, and feeling excited that this was actually working. I didn’t feel any movement this time, and I did wonder if that meant the flush was not going to be very effective. But now, on the other side of the flush, I know that you don’t have to feel the movement in order for the stones to be released.

    From the get-go I felt well and in fact, my feeling of well-being only increased as the six days prep went by, and by the time the flush itself occurred, I felt the best I’ve felt in years. If one flush done by this method can produce not only flushing of stones to this degree of effectiveness, but also give such a profound feeling of lightness and vastly increased energy, of mental alertness, of deep and sound sleep, of physical strength and lessened back pain…

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  2. moe armstrong "Moe Armstrong" Avatar
    moe armstrong “Moe Armstrong”
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    The secret of all times, March 21, 2007
    moe armstrong “Moe Armstrong” (Cambridge, MA United States) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush (Paperback)

    I am on my fourth flush. Wow I can not sing the praises of this book enough. Thirty two years of liver pain from parasites going into my liver and leaving a calcified cyst. Now No pain. None Zero. I think of all the people lined up for liver tranplants.

    Here is what is more amazing. I had come to conclusion that most people can lose weight not from genetcs but something simple like the gallbaldde needs to be flushed or removed. So I followed the book and I did clean the gallbladder to help me possibly lose wieght. Well, I am going toward a natural balance in my weight by already losing ten pounds. Without the starvation diets.

    Sinus problems and allergies GONE Pain left knee GONE Hurtful liver pain GONE. Lower back pain GONE Need for endless coffee and tea GONE I also have all this natural energy.

    High choleserol Gone Sugar levels from diabetes from 235 to 92.

    I was unprepared for this.

    moe armstrong

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  3. NieeMA "PPD Push the Positive Daily!" Avatar
    NieeMA “PPD Push the Positive Daily!”
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    Want to help your body? Do a Liver Cleanse…you will be GLAD you did!!!, March 10, 2006

    This review is from: The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush (Paperback)

    Greetings All

    It is with a healing body that I come to you with these statements.

    When I say healing, I really mean that.

    In 2004/05 I began to really take my health seriously and I did my first liver cleanse.

    I did this cleanse after reading my first book by Andreas called “The Amazing Liver Cleanse”…Now, we have the new improved book “The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush” Reading this new book, I am amazed how much more I have learned.

    I am now as of 2006 into my double digit flushes and I am feeling more and more healthy daily.

    I personally know that if you read the book and follow the things are explained, you will have some amazing things happen.

    After my first cleanse, my eyesight got better. (I walked away from the sink and read a book…NO glasses!) Then after the next few flushes it got even better. I thought this was just a blessing happening to me…but that is the way of the cleanse.

    My husband after reading a bit of this book and also “Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation”, started his flushes and had the same result. Those results were HIS discovery. You see, I never told him how much better my eyes were, I was afraid he would not believe me. I mean “after just one flush!!! better eyesight” But, his results were the same as mine. We both have gotten more energy, better skin, better sleep and the list goes one and on.

    And the beauty of it is you CAN do this Liver & Gallbladder flush!!!

    *It does not hurt.

    *It does not feel weird.

    *It does not cost an arm and a leg.

    *It does not have you missing work and so on.

    ~What it does do is cleanse/flush out the largest, hardest working organ in your body so it will run smoother and be better able to fight-off anything we have in our toxic world.

    ~What it does do is give your body the help it needs to reverse chronic illnesses.

    ~What it does do is put your body on the road to being balanced.

    ~What it does do is give you a few things that are noticeable right away. (everyone is different and for some that statement I just made will not hold true. You might take longer to see results. But if you continue to follow the lifestyle changes and keep up with your cleanses, you will see some fantastic results!)

    If it were another time, doing this cleanse might not be needed. Better food and air and water back then. However, as the world becomes more and more toxic, our bodies need us to listen to them and make good sound choices in all we do.

    We might not be able to control everything in our environment, but reading this book and the other books by Andreas will give you a fighting chance at a longer and healthier life.

    Get his book/s, it is one of the best investments into your future you can give you and your family!!!

    Have a blessed day

    Yours in good health


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