Policosanol Clinical Trials Have Shown Promising Results in Reducing Cholesterol

Policosanol clinical trials that have been going on for rather a handful of years now have been displaying some really promising results for decreasing cholesterol.

A lot of of the double blind tests have been carried out on elderly patients with hypercholesterolemia using statin drugs and also a placebo was utilised to make the investigation far more efficient.

The benefits have shown that policosanol, a variety of alcohols extracted from sugar cane wax has been extremely efficient in reducing LDL’s (undesirable cholesterol) in the physique by decreasing cholesterol formation in the liver. At the exact same time it is capable to raise HDL’s (very good cholesterol) without effecting blood sugar levels.

It also improves vascular wellness and doesn’t have the nasty side effects that statin drugs tend to have. In reality in one of the trials a tiny number out of the 589 males/females, who were provided statin drugs withdrew from the tests since of chest discomfort and gastric discomfort, skin rash, and dizziness.

Other trials using post menopausal women also showed similar benefits with extra wellness positive aspects due to arterial protection that is a secondary advantage that was shown in policosanol clinical trials.

Possessing this supplement is an essential step in maintaining cholesterol levels under handle for enhanced health. 

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All of these ingredients come from totally all-natural sources and they offer a synergistic energy residence to give the very best protection possible from illnesses such as heart disease, cancer and strokes and so on.

Some of the other components consist of resveratrol, decaffeinated green tea extract, curcumin, aloe vera and a lot of other people.

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