Alternative Cancer Treatment: Effective Tips for Food Intake

Option cancer treatment is slowly gaining ground with efficient research-based techniques that conventional medical doctors are not wont to inform their patients. These alternative strategies are for those who are bent on winning the battle against cancer.

We have two colon cancer patients in the family members. My father-in-law was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer in 2009 and is on alternative cancer treatment with a Chinese doctor. My brother, on the other hand was diagnosed final August 2011 with stage IV colon cancer that has metastasized to his liver. In a life-saving move, his surgeons removed a enormous tumor in his colon, 14 nodes in his liver, his whole gallbladder laden with stones and his appendix. Chemotherapy was strongly advised by his oncologist as a post-surgery therapy but my brother declined in favour of option medicine. A massive element of alternative therapy for cancer lies in what we feed our bodies.

Right here are option techniques in food intake to treat cancer. They have been established effective for several cancer patients, my family members included:

1. Cancer cells feed on sugar. Refined sugar is very best replaced with coconut sugar

2. Eat lots of vegetables for their fiber content material vegetables take away the protein covering of cancer cells, and thus, make the cancer cells recognizable for killing by option cancer therapies

three. The sugar in fruits could be neutralized by coating the fruits with uncooked rolled oats prior to they are eaten

four. Potatoes aid fuel cancer proliferation stay away from them by all implies

five. Purple sweet potatoes have cancer-fighting properties due to their anti-cancer purple pigment

6. Normal rice and white bread are best replaced with unpolished rice and complete wheat bread make certain the complete wheat bread does not include sugar

7. Coffee enema is important to relieve the liver of toxins that promote the development of cancer cells

8. It is very best to take the following for their anti-cancer properties:

– Additional virgin olive oil – 3 tablespoons in the morning and 3 tablespoons in the evening

– 15 tablespoons of kefir mixed with 1 tablespoon of squalene taken three occasions a day

– Spirulina in powdered type taken 1-6 tablespoons in one particular dose or spread out more than the day it is finest added to fresh fruit juice, raw fruit or young coconut juice

9. Take away micro-toxins from fruits and vegetables with an ozonizer to help inhibit cancer development in the body

ten. The UV-B rays from the sun from ten am to 2 pm are therapeutic to a cancer patient have every day 30-minute walks under the sun for the duration of this period

11. This vegetable juice recipe taken once a day is extremely advised for the patient’s daily dose of vegetables extract the juice of the following using a juice extractor:

– three stalks celery

– 1 modest sugar beet, peeled

– 1 medium-sized carrot, peeled

– 1 green apple, unpeeled

– 1 medium-sized turmeric, peeled

12. The vegetable juice above need to be consumed within 10 to 15 minutes after preparation while their enzymes are nonetheless active

13. Sip vegetable juice with straw do not gulp it so that it is thoroughly digested

14. For meat, it is greatest to avoid fresh water fish or cultured fish

15. Avoid eating leftover foods as micro-organisms may have already grown in them.

Cancer is like waging war with a treacherous enemy. To win the war, one particular must know the enemy inside out and formulate a well-thought out battle strategy to kill it at its root. Be informed. Consume the appropriate foods the proper way. Fight this dreaded illness and win.