Kidney Support Problems

This man of calcium salts, uric acid, phosphate, oxalate, cosine, and probably diuretics such as penicillin and other significant content material repel water. Some of the crystals in the urine is saturated and consequently the calculation is made.

This 70 year old is a rare event. About 15 percent of males and 8% of girls during their lifetime could be at least one diagnosis. In the very first decade of life resistant to the look of the peak among 4 and seven years is not with violence.

The illness is most typical in young adults, 3 or 4 decades of living in the surrounding, primarily white and there was no gender distinction. Recurrence of young adults, 15 percent in 1 year, 40 percent inside 5 years and 50 percent within 10 years is much more widespread. Black and white populations of less than kidney stones.

What’s this?

Stone formation is a complicated biological approach, but tiny identified, though progress has been.

Right now, it is clear that alterations in the protein diet program, food and business, salt, and promoted by the wealthy in carbohydrates, an increase in stone formation.

Formation of urinary abnormalities, decreased urine volume, the crystal structure is an important element. The result is a lack of moisture, it is only located in some patients with gallstones could alter. Less than 1 liter of urine volume is permanently or bad habits such as eating a dry climate, dry environment, the activities (aircraft, blast furnace) are environmental situations that urine as a salt formed by supersaturating the support is from.

Some elements of kidney stones:

Calcium: Calcium is a stone built more than eighty percent of patients. Most of them have elevated urinary calcium improved calcium.

Magnesium: This is a issue that crystallization in the urine as an inhibitor of participating. Urinary magnesium at 50 mg/24 H can be facilitated by the formation.

Uric acid: pure uric acid about five percent of the planet in the Mediterranean nations and the Arab, in which the rate can reach 30% unknown. Twenty-five percent of patients with gout uric acid stones can supply.

What do you assume, and how it is diagnosed?

Asymptomatic stones and sometimes can be recognized in the survey. In most circumstances, stones (discomfort) presented with pain. Most calculations can block the urinary tract. Kidney illness is serious acute discomfort, which could demand treatment with strong painkillers is a sign.

Usually, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, discomfort related with. Lumbar pain typically starts in the scrotum lower abdomen and vagina with standard urine. the acute phase of clinical analysis, with abdominal radiographs and abdominal ultrasound are integrated.

Major complications of kidney stones

Urinary infection

Urinary obstruction, obstruction and / or infectious damage to the kidney damage

Chronic renal failure

High blood pressure

Surgical complications of withdrawal by

lithotripsy complications


Existing therapy is excellent to move the stone to avoid recurrence and pressing. Calculated as the actual manifestation of the illness heterogeneous and multi-systemic regularly, it is not possible to have a regimen.