Outsmart Your Cancer: Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work (Second Edition) – With Audio CD Transcript

This well-written book facts safe, alternative cancer remedies that are obtainable NOW. It clearly explodes the myths about option cancer remedies and explains why non-toxic techniques are typically a lot more powerful than standard toxic ones.

Dr. W. John Diamond, co-author of An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer, wrote: “If you want to consider making use of option and complementary medicine for yourself or a loved one’s cancer, this is the book to read very first!”

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    The Best Way to Save Yourself from Your Cancer, November 5, 2004
    Liz M

    You have just been diagnosed with CANCER! The big “C.” It’s not someone else – it’s YOU, and if you just sit there stunned, you will DIE!! – Miserably! You must do something, so you start asking around to find out your options.

    You have only two:

    1. Let someone else decide what is best for you and give in to chemo, surgery, radiation, and all the accompanying medical horrors.

    2. Take matters into your own hands, and save yourself.

    If you decide to take charge of your own life, start by reading Outsmart Your Cancer. It is the result of some amazing research by Tanya Harter Pierce. This information would take years to find for yourself. The book is complete with information on all the major alternative non-toxic cancer treatments available today.

    This is a wonderful book. I am still alive today because I used one of the approaches described in Outsmart Your Cancer – I chose the Protocel treatment because it is backed by solid science, and it is a therapy compatible with my busy lifestyle. The book has an excellent description of Protocel, its history, how to take it, and how-and-why it works.

    Almost 18 months ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer (the tumor was larger than a big, solid walnut). Hoping to ward-off surgery, I went for chemotherapy. It was a lethal combination of three of the most deadly concoctions ever devised by humans. The side-effects are unspeakable.

    After 5 months of chemo, there was little change in the tumor, and radical surgery was indicated. Somehow death was not as scary as the radical surgery, radiation, and more chemo. I refused. Two days later I read Tanya Harter Pierce’s description of Protocel, and I got my life back.

    If only I had read Outsmart Your Cancer before the chemo, I would have saved myself a lot of physical pain and heartache. Instead, thanks to Tanya’s book and Protocel, I have not needed surgery and the tumor is almost gone. I still have my energy (I am doing pilates and taking tango lessons).

    Outsmart Your Cancer tells you all you need to know to evaluate these different treatments and how to get back to health. It is a real bargain, – complete with contact information, names, and numbers. You will find your time and money was well-spent.

    –Liz M

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  2. An Architect Avatar
    An Architect
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    If nothing else, you learn a heck of a lot about cancer, June 11, 2007

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    Most people who read this book either have cancer or know someone with it. If they’re reading this book they must already have some idea that the conventional treatments (slash, burn and poison) have limited success and significant risk of doing more harm than good.

    Ms. Pierce is especially good at explaining how statistics are skewed to make products look good when they are backed by “Big Pharma”. Patients are apparently told to take a toxic chemical because of a good “tumor response rate”, when the truth is that you often cannot kill all the cancer cells before you kill too many normal cells. Then the ones that survive live to another day and because they are a special breed with resistance to the chemo, they multiply and come back stronger than ever. I have seen this myself in a friend who went through several chemo treatments and then died. I also know a few people who were successfully cured of cancer by chemotherapy, however they were all young people suffering from either Hodgkins or testicular cancer (like Lance Armstrong). These cancers are likely curable because they affect mostly the young and the young are better able to live through the poisoning effect. I have often thought that there must be less dangerous cures for older, less vigorous people, although slower. Well, here they are in this book.

    Contrary to what some may think, Ms. Pierce doesn’t completely reject the conventional treatments, as they might be useful in situations where the slow method can’t work because of the fast progression of the disease. However she gives useful information and questions to ask the doctor so that a patient may determine if this is necessary and also may determine if they are being put through misery for nothing because the chemo may not really have much chance of helping. It is useful to know that rejecting a horrible treatment is more valid than one might be led to believe when talking to physicians may be more interested in protecting their behinds from liability than quality of life. They may tell you that something is better than nothing and that something needs to be backed by Big Pharma.

    The alternative treatments discussed are certainly not “snake oil”. Every treatment she chose to cover is based on research which identifies differences between cancer cells and normal cells. The products exploit this difference to make cancer cells self-destruct. I immediately identified some of the research as corroborating with articles I have read over the years in the science sections of mainstream newspapers, such as the Wall Street Journal.

    Will they cure you? She always says that there are no claims that any of the treatments will cure everybody. What they do claim is that the cure rates are better than those of conventional chemotherapies, once you account for the misleading nature of chemotherapy “cure” rates. The alternative treatments claim that when you’re cured you are actually cancer free, whereas the chemotherapy cure rates count anyone who is still alive five years after diagnosis, even if they still have cancer and are about to die five years and two days after diagnosis. Why is this convincing? Well, if you believe that big business will skew statistics in order to recover a big development investment and make profits, then you have to think about this. It’s true that nobody is interested in spending hundreds of millions on trials of a substance which is so readily available that they can’t sell it exclusively. Until medical care is provided on a non-profit basis I don’t believe we will seek out effective, inexpensive treatments which can be self-administered instead of controlled by expensive physicians.

    I also found this book to be a very easy read, despite the technical nature of her discussions. She is clear and often offers analogies which get at the meat of the concept. I give it an A+!

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  3. Pamela Hoeppner "Author of "TheBreastStay... Avatar
    Pamela Hoeppner “Author of “TheBreastStay…
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    Being faced with a diagnosis of breast cancer, and knowing I would never use anything that traditional medicine had to offer, the information in this book was invaluable to me! Out of the treatments covered in this book, I chose to use a Product called Protocel. Everything I needed to know about it and how to use it was in this book, and that includes having a clearer understanding of the industry that’s been built around cancer, and why people aren’t told about effective alternative treatments by the medical world. All testing shows I am now cancerfree, and I tell everyone about this book and everyone about Protocel. I was alarmed to see one gentleman say that there is never anyone who survives cancer with an alternative treatment. I talk to people all the time who have used Protocel and won their battle, as well as other treatments. And I also take issue with someone who said the book was great, but you had to take selenium. If you are going to chose one of the treatments in this book, you don’t mess around – you follow the do’s and don’ts in each treatment. And one of the don’ts in using is Protocel is you DO NOT take selenium. OUTSTANDING BOOK – LIFESAVING TREATMENT!!! THIS DYNAMIC DUE SAVED MY LIFE!

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