These symptoms are lung cancer in advanced stage? What should we do?

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These symptoms are lung cancer in advanced stage? What really should we do? This year I 55 I sex male condition description: my father today to examine out is the lung, but did not say is in the mid or late, their signs and symptoms with appropriate thoracic and dorsal discomfort, cough, breathing pain, sputum with blood (the symptoms for a year), his leg is soft. And effectiveness of remedy was: no therapy to get support: what shall we do subsequent?

On the specialists to answer the outcomes: in this case, is not necessarily in the late, demands a combination of imaging findings of Hello, for the staging of the disease demands a combination of imaging findings, in general, can be determined by high resolution CT for illness staging, for the early and middle lung cancer patients can be treated with operation, can be chemotherapy, and nutritional help, I wish you wellness. needs assessment for the staging of lung cancer by biopsy, clear pathological type is adenocarcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma, this is very essential. If operation, operation as soon as attainable. If not operation, prompt chemoradiation therapy. As soon as the pathological biopsy, and abdominal CT abdominal metastasis. If it is a squamous cell carcinoma with radiotherapy, if adenocarcinoma to chemotherapy.The number of professionals to answer it:Hello, you mentioned above symptoms cannot judge is in the mid or late, only if signs and symptoms persist for a long time should not be very early patients demands further examination can diagnose, can do a CT check, generally can establish whether or not the operation Hello, clinical lung cancer according to the place of the lesion to be lung cancer can be divided into central type of lung cancer and peripheral lung cancer, growth in total tracheal and bronchial lung door said central sort lung cancer, accounted for about 70%, making use of phosphorus carcinoma and undifferentiated carcinoma is common. Growth in the bronchial branch and later lung cancer known as peripheral, about 30%, to adenocarcinoma is typical, according to the pathology of the lung cancer can be divided into squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, adenosquamous carcinoma, huge cell carcinoma (undifferentiated carcinoma), modest cell carcinoma (SCLC), carcinoid tumor. Lung adenocarcinoma incidence of occult, move faster, chemotherapy for tiny cell lung cancer is sensitive to adenocarcinoma, practically ineffective, operation excision for early squamous cancer and adenocarcinoma, traditional Chinese medicine therapy should be all through the entire therapy often. By your description, patients should alert the clinician’s “excessive chemotherapy”, repeated chemotherapy frequently generate resistance, excessive chemotherapy does more harm than excellent, decreased immunity can also speed up the transfer of cancer cells, suggest that mixture of traditional Chinese medicine therapy, dialectical treatment, overall therapy, enhancing the body immunity, alleviate the clinical signs and symptoms, obtain greater attenuation and synergy effect of. hello! You need to do a comprehensive inspection, according to the description of signs and symptoms is the late, appropriate and timely treatment is the crucial, I recommend you use the effective classic Chinese medicine consolidation therapy, rehabilitation may. The motherland medicine with classic Chinese medicine has a very special therapy techniques, make you healthyI recommend you use traditional Chinese medicine Cordyceps, Polyporus, Changium, loranthus, Qingyang ginseng, mushrooms, red bean, mulberry, eucommia, Dalbergia, tuckahoe, white atractylodes rhizome, August, Zhimu, Mozart of Curcuma wenyujin, star, dogwood, papaya, Curculigo rhizome, preparation Pinellia ternate, psoralen, angelica, calamus, agrimony, thistle, kaempferol, medlar, coix seed, Burnet, white front, paeonol, Belamcanda chinensis, Radix Angelicae sinensis, woodlouse, indigo, cinnamon, Sophora flavescens, gold powder, fenugreek, white skin, red peony root, radix sophorae tonkinensis, Polygala, Alisma, honeysuckle, black operation program, forsythia, turtle powder, comfrey, peach, three seven therapy, rapid, precise curative impact of lung cancer, the impact is very great, the clinical application in the patients with lung cancer treatment, its efficacy in a brief period of reduced mass, transfer of control, relieve discomfort, stable condition, survival, and even to obtain clinical cure. The standard Chinese medicine with the use of successful manage of metastatic cancer cells proliferation, research show that, only when the organism for cancer immune function had been significantly decreased or lost, cancer can take advantage of a weak point. If the initial cancer cells happens began to cancer prevention, practically can obtain 100% outcomes. These drugs can improve the immune function to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, but also does not make side effects, its principal direction of attack, each in cancer cancer at the exact same time, enhance immunity, to defeat the goal of cancer. Hope you appropriate remedy, early rehabilitation! hello! According to your description, also can not be diagnosed is in the mid or late, such symptoms early possibility is comparatively little, calls for a mixture of clinical staging. Your father’s age, if the operation, can initial operation remedy, but the disease is not operation to make a complete recovery, postoperative require for additional therapy, can also pick to Yao medicine extensive therapy, Yaoyi has a robust overall concept. Even though the growth of tumors in the physique of a local, but in reality is a systemic illness. For most of the cancer patients, topical therapy is not resolve the root problem, and Yaoyi as from the overall notion, the implementation of dialectical remedy, both considered nearby remedy, but also the way to righting training, to increase the neighborhood patients signs and symptoms and general condition has an critical function.The professional answers: you good outcomes! The signs and symptoms you mentioned, a lot of lung cancer patients have a related circumstance, suffering from cancer is not terrible, for worry of losing the self-confidence and courage, worry is becoming. 1st of all let patients believe that modern day science and conventional Chinese medicine can inhibit and conquer cancer followed by appropriate Xunyiwenyao, Chinese herbal medicine for cancer have an inhibitory impact on the hundreds of species, such as barbata, gallnut, periwinkle, cassia, nux vomica, Oldenlandia diffusa, and wood, rhubarb and so on, be as well several to enumerate, the key is the organic mixture, scientific formula. We study the latest pure herbal formula of Kang’s enemy cancer powder, to your patients boost immunity, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, increase clinical symptoms, direct inhibition of cancer cell division, blocking malignant tumor of vascular tumor shrinkage impact.The quantity eight specialist answers outcomes: Hello: cancer is the world hard dilemma, particularly in advanced stage, the cure rate is really low. From the Western point of view, cancer, it is because the standard human cell lesions, resulting in abnormal cells, then this variant cell infinite reproduction, leading to final body breaks down in the round. Yaoyi that cancer is the deficiency of crucial qi stagnation, phlegm, blood stasis, time and trigger, Yaoyi believe cancer treatment to “Ruanjian Sanjie” principle. Determine on the very best therapy modality must consider numerous factors, like the size of the tumor, the patient’s age and general wellness status and so on early and late.If the above aboutThese signs and symptoms are lung cancer in advanced stage? What must we do?You are not happy with the answer, you can use the search function to discover far more related content material supply:make you healthful