Study: Breast Cancer Claims Five Black Women Per Day

Study: Breast Cancer Claims Five Black Women Per Day
Five African-American women every day, and 1722 annually, die from breast cancer, according to a new study released by the Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Forum. But contrary to popular belief, social concerns are the primary contributing element, not genetics.
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Breast cancer toll among black girls fed in component by worry, silence
Poverty and racial inequities are the major variables driving the disparity, according to a study released Wednesday at a breast cancer forum sponsored by the Avon Foundation. The study, which compared mortality rates amongst black and white women in …
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Forum speaker: Tobacco market is relentless in its assault on youth
… the fight to decrease youth exposure to in-retailer tobacco advertising need to continue, according to a representative of the American Cancer Society. Speaking at a public forum on tobacco advertising and marketing, Hillary Clarke, advocacy director for the ACS based in …
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