Natural Breast Cancer Treatment Options – Saving Breasts, Saving Lives

Report by Michael Edson

Ladies are taught early to do self exams, and to have breast exams along with their annual pap smears. Even though the American Cancer Society recommends mammogram screening for ladies age 50 or earlier if there are danger aspects, radiation from mammograms might truly result in breast cancer. The pressure from squeezing the breast in the course of a mammogram can also spread cancer cells. 1 study in Sweden followed 60,000 women, and identified that 70% of mammogram readings that located tumors had been false positive, confirmed by biopsy, top to unnecessary tension and invasive biopsies.

Breast lumps that are soft, smooth, round and movable are likely benign. A difficult, oddly shaped lump that feels firmly attached is typically cancer.

Regular testing for breast cancer includes mammograms, ultrasounds, MRI and biopsy. Breast cancer is typically treated with surgery to remove the lump or to take away the breast and surrounding lymph nodes. This surgery and radiation treatments can lead to lymphedema, or a build-up of lymph fluid in fatty tissues just under the skin. Women who suffer with lymphedema might shed the mobility of their arm, knowledge pain, itching and thickening of the skin, insomnia, hair loss and irritability. Chemotherapy causes vomiting, hair loss, nausea and extreme fatigue. Radiation of the chest can trigger heart damage and severe heart disease might follow. If the cancer growth is spurred by hormones, then hormone blocking drugs are added to the treatment plan. Tamoxifin and Herceptin are two such drugs.

There are other choices such as those supplied by Hope4Cancer Institute in Baja, Mexico. They combine SonoPhoto Dynamic Therapy, nearby and entire body hyperthermia, detoxification, immunotherapy, nutrition, enzymes and IV therapy.

Sound wave hyperthermia has been employed in Europe for 3 decades, though this kind of hyperthermia has not been authorized in the USA. Hyperthermia utilizes distinct sound wave frequencies to heat cancer cells and destroy them. These frequencies do not influence regular cells, so there are no side effects. Treatments are painless and non-invasive.

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