Five-cent diabetes pill may be new cancer drug

Five-cent diabetes pill may possibly be new cancer drug
Metformin, the most generally utilized medicine to lower blood-sugar, is the topic of about 50 cancer reports globally, according to U.S. government clinical trial information compiled by Bloomberg. The investigation started after scientists located metformin …
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Melatonin helps avoid breast cancer
Edward Mills of McMaster University in Hamilton, ON, Canada and colleagues carried out the analysis of information from 643 cancer individuals who were enrolled in ten clinical trials. The researchers commented &quotThe considerable reduction in danger of death, low …
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Bayer wins early U.S. approval for colon cancer drug
In pivotal clinical trials, Stivarga – recognized chemically as regorafenib – assisted severely ill patients live on typical 1.four months longer than individuals who received normal therapy without the Bayer drug. Stivarga plus standard care also delayed tumor …
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