Stakeholder Insight: Breast Cancer (hormone Receptor-negative) – Triple-negative Breast Cancer Offe


Although some triple-unfavorable breast cancer (TNBC) patients now have an added treatment solution in the form of Avastin, unmet want remains high. Similarly, in spite of the availability of Herceptin and Tykerb there is also considerable pipeline activity in HER-2-constructive breast cancer. At the identical time, there is uncertainty over the optimal way of utilizing Herceptin and Tykerb in this patient subset.

Functions and benefits

Analysis of the hormone receptor-negative breast cancer market place based on a survey of 180 specialists, supported by opinion leader interviews
Epidemiological forecasts of breast cancer incidence and prevalence for the period 201019 in the seven significant pharmaceutical markets
Segmentation of incident cases by age group, menopausal status, stage of disease and subtype
In-depth evaluation of therapy patterns and regimens prescribed for TNBC and HER-2-constructive breast cancer by line of therapy and disease stage


Herceptin (trastuzumab Roche/Chugai) has established a formidable position in the HER-two-positive breast cancer market. At relapse, retreatment with an alternative Herceptin-based regimen is favored more than switching to Tykerb (lapatinib GlaxoSmithKline), reflecting the lack of clinical information showing that switching to Tykerb is beneficial.

Avastin (bevacizumab Roche/Chugai) has captured considerable marketplace share in first-line metastatic TNBC in the US loss of this indication would for that reason have a large impact on sales. Avastin is also vulnerable to competition from new marketplace entrants (e.g. Sanofi Aventiss iniparib), even if it retains its breast cancer indication.

The reputation of Xeloda (capecitabine Roche/Chugai) shows that side-effect profile is an critical driver of prescribing behavior in metastatic TNBC beyond the very first-line of therapy. It is consequently crucial that new market place entrants in this setting are properly tolerated if they are to attain in depth uptake.

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Validate new item forecasting based on epidemiology, patient segmentation and therapy prices, and the likely rate of uptake for new merchandise
Understand prescribing trends and identify crucial aspects that influence therapy selections in defined breast cancer populations
Boost commercial positioning by escalating understanding of current dynamics within the breast cancer market

Table of Contents :
Overview 1
Catalyst 1
Summary 1
About Datamonitor Healthcare three
About the Oncology pharmaceutical analysis group three
Executive Summary 5
Scope of the analysis 5
Datamonitor insight into the hormone receptor-negative breast cancer marketplace 5
Contributing professionals 7
Connected reports 7
Upcoming related reports 7
1. Introduction and Scope 10
Coverage of the Stakeholder Insight Survey 10
2. Epidemiology 11
Introduction and background 11
Key points 11
Illness definition and diagnosis criteria 12
International variation and historical trends 12
Danger aspects 15
Epidemiologic forecasting of breast cancer 17
Description of techniques 21
Epidemiologic Forecast Final results 23
Discussion 30
Conclusions 32
three. Illness overview 33
Introduction 33
Patient segmentation 35
four. Remedy alternatives 39
Introduction 39
5. Treatment Trends: Stage IIII 45
Triple-unfavorable breast cancer 45
HER-2-constructive breast cancer 59
6. Therapy Trends: Stage IV and Relapse 80
Triple-unfavorable breast cancer 80
HER-two-positive breast cancer 113
7. Future Remedy 144
Late-phase pipeline merchandise overview 144
Future therapy scenarios 196
Chapter 2. Epidemiology 201
Chapter three. Disease Overview 207
Chapter four. Therapy Possibilities 209
Chapter 5. Treatment Trends: Stage IIII Breast Cancer 211
Chapter 6. Therapy Trends: Stage IV and Relapsed Breast Cancer 212
Chapter 7. Future Therapy 214
Abbreviations 219
Physician analysis methodology 219
Physician sample breakdown 220
Contributing specialists 221
The survey questionnaire 222
Datamonitor consulting 276
Disclaimer 277

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