Reasons for the Growth of Clinical Trials in India


Clinical trials in India have been developing at a more quickly pace. The growth more than the final 3 years have been close to 100 crore rupees from approximately 20 crores. As per a McKinsey report, it was estimated that close to the year 2010 this market is like to touch as significantly as 500 crore rupees.


The point to ponder right here is that why is India emerging as a preferred place for Clinical trials as properly as researches. Some of the factors are listed below-

India’s population is culturally, genetically, and socio-economically diverse

It is noticed that Asians react differently to drugs than the Caucasian counterparts

India has the greatest pool of patients, for instance, majority of diabetes and cancer patients are found in India

India is property to a wide selection of diseases that ranges from tropical infections to degenerative ailments

India’s patient population is mostly therapy naïve

The Patient- doctor ratio in India is high

The country has no dearth of trained specialists in the field of medicine

The nation has a huge pool of dedicated and very qualified scientists and clinical analysis experts

English is a main language of education and communication amongst Indians


India has many Clinical Study Organization’s (CRO’s) involved in conducting Clinical Trials, specifically the Phase II –IV trails.

These organizations have a strategic link up with esteemed healthcare institutions and hospitals. This also assures that the CRO’s have the admission to the databases that ranges from therapeutic concerns to other diagnostics and therapies.

Popular CRO’s in India contain study applications that put into use revolutionary styles in Pharmacokinetic evaluation, clinical pharmacology, and bio-analytical method development that is carried on by a group of specialist study associates and clinical co-coordinators. The strategy taken is a 360 degree strategy towards clinical trials that assures the sponsors rewards from a diverse range of services such as :-

Pharmacy Services that assures a strict adherence to GCP and other allied international regulatory needs

Feasibility Studies

Clinical Trial Supplies &amp Management

Bio Statistics

Project Management

Clinical Monitoring

Volunteer Recruitment &amp Planning


CRO’s in India, apart from Clinical trials also deal in Bio Studies. Numerous studies are performed on bioavailability and bioequivalence in diverse centers in compliance with international regulatory demands that are administered precisely.