Jacksonville, FL Clinical Trials and Facilities

There are an abundance of clinical research becoming conducted in Jacksonville, FL at facilities such as the Heekin Institute for Orthopedic Analysis, Florida Clinical Analysis Center, Southeast Gynecologic Oncology Associates, Nemours Children’s Clinic, University of Florida Wellness Science Center, University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute, Baptist Cancer Center, and numerous much more. Lets narrow down this list a bit and concentrate in on the University of Florida trial facilities and the Nemours Children’s Clinic.

Just like a college campus has several buildings, University of Florida has Clinical Analysis Facilities throughout Jacksonville. The Center for Clinical Trials Study is an Academic Research Organization that conducts Phase 1 and two trials in all therapeutic specialties. They do the trials in a timely, cost-successful, innovative manner.

As an Academic health center, The Health Science Center of Jacksonville participates in cutting-edge study and clinical trials. There is currently a study going on of infants born with herpes simplex virus infection involving the central nervous technique. The study is currently in Phase III, to decide whether or not continuous administration of the drug they are making use of suppresses recurrent skin lesions in the patients. The study is recruiting babies younger than 28 days old.

The Nemours Children’s Clinic in Jacksonville focuses on evaluating, diagnosing, and treating babies, kids and teens in northeast Florida with disorders associated to hormones and growth. Nemours Children’s Clinic has a renowned strategy to investigation. The physicians and scientists involved have a passion for clinical analysis and extensive encounter conducting original studies that have to do with investigating bone and growth disorders along with diabetes, and nutritional disorders in both youngsters and adolescents.

Late Occuring Complications in Childhood Cancer Survivors

Nemours is currently observing a study stating a patient’s genes could affect the threat of developing complications, such as congestive heart failure, heart attack, stroke, and second cancer, years following undergoing cancer therapy.

Nemours has received numerous grants and publications and collaborate with other clinical investigation centers to execute trials of new therapies and devices utilized to treat hormonal difficulties in young children. For patients who want specialized healthcare, tests, or procedures even though participating in clinical studies, Nemours has complete access with all other sub-specialty clinics and services.

Numerous of the studies we have covered have to deal with children and adolescents. As you dig deeper into the diverse Jacksonville clinical research, you could locate a trial that is the appropriate fit for you. You can also check out some of the other clinical trials in Florida as well as some of the other clinical study centers in Florida if you are willing to travel outside of the Jacksonville location.