Fundraising walk to highlight asbestos cancers in young

Fundraising walk to highlight asbestos cancers in young
Asbestos campaigners are preparing to walk across the desert to highlight the want for more mesothelioma research. Funding for asbestos cancers has declined not too long ago regardless of the ever-developing toll of Australian victims, like escalating numbers of …
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Pro-asbestos advocacy group shuts its doors
Asbestos is a fibrous construction material used as insulation that has been linked to a number of lung illnesses, such as specific varieties of cancer. In a number of Asian nations, which includes India, activists are increasingly holding demonstrations to …
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USC fined for toxic asbestos issues
By SAMMY FRETWELL – In the past 4 years, the University of South Carolina has paid $ 175500 in state fines for violating environmental laws that safeguard students and staff from asbestos, a developing material that causes cancer …
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