Scientists use two different methods to visualize rare CTCs, double positive

Scientists use two various strategies to visualize rare CTCs, double positive
New analysis from The Ohio State University utilizes two diverse methods to visualize circulating tumor cells (CTCs) as well as other uncommon circulating cells with each epithelial and hematopoietic characteristics in metastatic breast cancer (mBC).
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Reporter: Gina Pitisci
Also, new investigation finds breast cancer survival rates are lower in patients who have arthritis. Research have recommended a potential relationship between metastatic breast cancer and autoimmune arthritis and has led researchers from the University of …
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Hopes for tumour freeze therapy
The remedy could be utilised as a last line of defence to halt cancer that is spreading round the body, say scientists. At present, females with &quotmetastatic&quot, or spreading, breast cancer are said to be incurable. Their therapy consists of managing and …
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