Prostate Cancer Treatment Options – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

It really is a sad reality that as numerous as one particular in 5 men will get prostate cancer during their lifetimes. And while every person knows this, what is not always nicely identified are the choices for remedy.

Following is a list of the great, the negative, and the ugly remedies.

There is no a single size fits all.

And, of course, your medical doctor or urologist is very best qualified to support you make the selection (and give you much more possibilities than the ones listed below).

1st up is removing your prostate.

This is the only way to make certain it really is totally gone for sure. Except, is it actually gone? Immediately after all, if the prostate cancer has currently metastasized to an additional part of your body, then this won’t save your life.

Subsequent is a newer strategy named “The da Vinci procedure.”

This is supposedly not really invasive (compared to the other options). And the good component is it is far less likely to lead to the nerve harm that other surgeries will (that result in impotence). It really is not 100% danger free of charge, and there are prospective side effects.

You can also have radioactive “seeds” implanted in your prostate.

This is actually a fairly simple process exactly where you don’t actually really feel anything, and is very precise. The downside is you will have to have it carried out possibly five days a week for about 8 weeks (give or take — ask your medical doctor for a lot more info on this).

And finally, you can leave it alone.

Sound crazy?

Perhaps so — but the reality is numerous occasions if it’s slow growing, doctors will advise you do absolutely nothing to it and just monitor it. It’s not unusual these days to have prostate cancer for years and really die of one thing else entirely.

This is not often the case, of course.

But it is one more option.

So if you are looking at prostate cancer remedies, the above are four widespread ones you are likely to hear. Speak with your doctor and make a decision carefully whatever you do.