New Cancer Treatment available in Roanoke

New Cancer Therapy offered in Roanoke
Nerissa Tyeryar is a 30 year old patient who is fighting liver cancer. She did not have any signs and symptoms and went to the hospital for kidney stones when was diagnosed. Tyeryar has 4 children, two boys and two girls, ranging in age from 5 to ten years …
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£60m promised to cancer victims hasn&#39t been spent: Patients &#39having to jump
Instead Department of Health guidance will make clear that physicians can make their initial strategy for therapy via the Cancer Drugs Fund. Kate Spall, who runs the Pamela Northcott Fund named immediately after her mother who got a kidney cancer drug too late to …
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HIFU therapy shows promise for prostate cancer patients
by Loren Bonner , staff writer Even though treatment advances have offered males a significantly far better chance of fighting prostate cancer, side effects remain a key obstacle for survivors. Incontinence and sexual dysfunction are the most typical complaints from males …