Cryoablation therapy spot-freezes breast cancer tumors

Cryoablation therapy spot-freezes breast cancer tumors
Folks fighting metastatic breast cancer, exactly where the disease has progressed to other regions of the physique, may lastly have one more weapon in their arsenal: percutaneous cryoablation. The cancer treatment could potentially be employed as a final line of …
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Researchers identify mechanism that makes breast cancer invasive
A new study has identified a important mechanism that causes breast cancer to spread. The analysis, published by Cell Press on March 30th in the journal Molecular Cell, enhances our expertise about the signals that drive cancer metastasis and identifies new …
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ArQule Announces Presentations at AACR 102nd Annual Meeting
Targeted inhibition of c-MET receptor by a selective c-MET inhibitor, Tivantinib, and a specific shRNA reduces breast cancer-derived bone metastases: Abstract number 846. A pre-clinical study with tivantinib explored dual c-MET inhibition with both …
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