Best Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

Report by Samantha Stewart

The most frequent cancer for guys in Canada is prostate cancer. It is estimated that 25,500 guys will be diagnosed in North America this year and roughly four,300 men will die of the disease. Prostate cancer is the third major cause of death amongst cancers.

Changes of surviving this sort of cancer are high if it is caught in the early stages. Guys more than 50 really should get checked every single year, as the danger of obtaining prostate cancer increases with age. Screening normally begins with a digital rectal examination. Your medical doctor will insert a gloved finer into the rectum to really feel the prostate and check for tumors. The other type of screening is a PSA or prostate-specific antigen test. If prostate cancer is suspected, a biopsy will most likely be performed as it is the only sure way to diagnose this cancer.

There are several therapy options obtainable for organ confined prostate cancer (which means the cancer has not spread from the prostate to other organs). The best therapy option will rely on the age and wellness of the patient as properly as the stage of the cancer.

Surgery, identified as radical prostatectomy, removes the entire prostate. Urological surgeons will typically try to do nerve sparing surgery because nerves about the prostate can be damaged during surgery. The nerve harm can lead to impotence, erectile dysfunction and urinary. Other choices incorporate chemotherapy, radiation and hormone therapy. An option type of prostate cancer therapy with a achievement rate comparable rate to surgery but with fewer side effects is HIFU – High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. This process has been approved in Canada since 2003, and in Europe prior to that. This non-invasive therapy utilizes an ultrasound probe as a medical device piloted by a computer. In an out-patient procedure, high intensity ultrasound waves are delivered by way of the rectal wall with pinpoint accuracy to destroy the cancerous tumors on the prostate. The focused ultrasound wavesare computer controlled and the process is performed by a urological surgeon trained in HIFU. The results are comparable to surgery or radiation, but outcome in lessdamage to surrounding tissues and, therefore, fewer side effects.

Toronto has the very best HIFU cancer therapy center, with top urologists performing the process. The Maple Leaf HIFU clinic was the 1st in North America and has accomplished more effective procedures than any other North American HIFU clinic. Their web site has a wealth of information on prostate cancer and analysis relating to treatments and HIFU success rates. If you are contemplating therapy strategies for prostate cancer, you should do your due diligence for option remedies and go over them with your urologist.